Mango Leaf/ Aamer Pallav


  • Material :  Silver
  • Colour : Silver
  • Package Contents : 1pc  Amra Pallav
  • Keep away from sprays, paints, and corrosive liquids
  • Size: 5cm, 7.5cm,13cm
  • Super Premium Fine Hand Crafted Brunch of Mango Leaf is use for various Puja, Home Decor, Gift.
  • Putting Mango leaves in every puja and Hawan and on all special occasions, is considered my auspicious.
  • As per Indian tradition, Silver Mango leaves should be used on the Kalash.
  • 100% Pure Silver Mango leaves is reusable in every Puja/ Hawan and so it will stay as an asset with you.
  • As per Vedas, Pure Silver can be substituted with real things. So even the God idols are also worshiped in Silver form. Thus, these Mango leaves are used in all type of Hindu Rituals.
  • Auspicious Mango leaves in pure Silver, from the house of Gahenaz. Always Serving In Your Spiritual Journey.